Testimonial Page


“I have tried every single modifier on the market. Love the flexibility and the internal reflector, so light and sturdy and does everything I need it to do.”

Robin Swanson Photography, La Cañada Flintridge, CA Professional Photographer



"Did you get to use the KOBRA over the weekend?” Paul
"Yes! At the reception, it was fantastic. Can’t wait to fund it on Kickstarter."

Nicole Caldwell Photography, Orange, CA Professional Photographer



“The KOBRA worked better than expected. It softens the flash output & was extremely easy to use. My only complaint... I had to give the prototype back.”

Adriana Lopez, CA Seminar Coordinator at California Photography Center



“Before KOBRA, I had little to no experience with flash. I was surprised to find the KOBRA works perfect every time.”

Cole Ferguson Photography, CA Professional Photographer