Not one comes close to the KOBRA flash modifier!
by Solomon

Thank you very much. I can not thank you enough. I am so thrilled by this product. I have used every flash modifier on the market. Not one comes close to the KOBRA flash modifier. This is modifier is much better than MagMod flash modifier. Thank you again for the chance to support you and you made me a proud owner of KOBRA Flash modifier. 

So pleased!
by Sandi Wong

I received my kits and am practicing with them. I am not a pro, but a photo enthusiast. This is an unedited photo I shot today using the Kobra for the first time. So pleased. Can't wait to try it...
Canon 70D, Canon 430 EX III flash, Canon 50 mm f1.8 lens, 100, f4

I'm going to use this all the time! Thanks!
by Adam Nordell

I received mine today, works great. Barely fits my Aperlite YH-700, but I'll probably get a smaller flash now that I'm going to use this all the time! Thanks!

 Kobra and less weight. I luv thus modifier!
by Chris
Dec 20, 2018

Got mine today. Put it up against my MagMod Magbounce. The Kobra was much more accurate with the colours. Dark Walnut came out exactly. With the MM the dark walnut was more a mid brown. Also, skin tones are more warm and lifelike with the Kobra and less weight. I luv thus modifier.

 Ricevuto OTTIMO PRODOTTO good Grazie
by Giosuè Ruggiero
January 28, 2019
(Translated from Italian)
Received EXCELLENT PRODUCT good Thanks
After a long wait has just arrived. The only one in Italy to own it. Fantastic even fantastic shots ... soon in the best nightclubs