Spider Monkey Holster Kit with the KOBRA

Spider Monkey Holster Kit gives you quick-draw access for hand holding a speed-light.



The Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit from Spider Camera Holster is a two-piece system that can hold a flash, light meter, battery pack, or another accessory on your hip. The small, durable, plastic resin base clip attaches to various belts, including the Spider belts, Lowepro's Street & Field series, and Think Tank's Steroid and Skin belts. Each of the 2 included tabs features a small disc-like protrusion that slides and locks into the base clip. The tabs feature 3M adhesive on both sides for secure attachment to your accessory and the attached touch-fastener strip, which wraps around your device to ensure an extra-strong hold. To release, push your gear against the base and lift.

This system provides a quick-draw method of retrieving gear since it eliminates the need to hunt through your bag for an item. Multiple Spider Monkey base units (sold separately) can be used to have various pieces of equipment at arm's reach.

B+H: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/967162-REG/spider_camera_holster_900_spider_monkey_unit_base_2_tabs.html

ADORAMA: https://www.adorama.com/shmu.html?origterm=spider+camera+holster+spider+monkey+accessory+holster+kit&searchredirect=true