KOBRA Flash Modifier | Prototype Shown

KOBRA Flash Modifier is aesthetically pleasing that doesn’t look like a piece of ugly "Tupperware" or hideous “Cue Card's" sitting above your flash (strobe light). KOBRA has a refreshing cutting-edge look without the gross weight/bulk, does not need very powerful “Earth Magnet’s” or dust collecting & noisy “Velcro” attachment systems. KOBRA comes intrigued with a state-of-the-art attachment system.

Because of the flexible silicon material you’ve no longer struggling to store off or on location. If you used to carry around larger-sized modifiers you’ll no doubt appreciate it too.

If you can call a Modifier elegant, then it’s elegant.


The new KOBRA Band vents to maximize airflow.


Hard but flexible that will not break easily "drop-in" KOBRA Gel System.