• I watched the YouTube review of Spyros Heniadis. I spent a lot of money on the MagMod system: MagSphere, MagBounce, grids, gels. Besides the cost factor, I shoot an Olympus EM1mk2. My problem, once mounted, the complete setup looked, to my thin-skinned view, outrageously oversized. After watching the review, I immediately listed my entire MagMod system on Craiglist (sold it in less than 24-hours) and ordered your system. It arrived yesterday and I look forward to trying it out. Kobra is easier to pack, more in line with the size of my gear, and reasonably priced. I look forward to additional gels (CTB?) and further developments. Good luck!

    John Tice

  • Received my order today, put it to test and i was blown away.
    I hope this becomes an industry leading product, simple in applicable sublime in efficacy.
    Loved it so much i bought 3 more item thereafter.
    I deserve a 20% reduction.
    Congratulations, I LOVE THESE more the the magmod.

    Alexander Gomes

  • I am so thrilled by this product. I have used every flash modifier on the market. Not one come close to the KOBRA  flash modifier. This is modifier is much better than MagMod flash modifier. Thank you again for the chance to support you and you made me a proud owner of KOBRA Flash Modifier. 

    Solomon Akale

  • Yes, it showed up an hour later, my daughter brought it in the house and forgot to tell me about it. Thanks for checking in my friend, I appreciate the concern. I love it so much, I will be purchasing another soon. I'm also spreading the word about this product, it's awesome.... 😉

    Kenneth Brown

  • Just wanted to tell you that the Kobra is now my "go to" flash modifier. I have used a Demb Flip It, Lite Genius Super Scoop, and Mag Mods. The Kobra out performs all of them easily. As an event photographer, I can vouch for the effectiveness, and ease of use of the Kobra. No matter what the unusual lighting situation is at an event, the Kobra always gives me the correct exposure. It makes editing a much easier and more time efficient. Great product...

    Rich Goldman

  • Yes! Thank you so much. Went out last evening for practice... LOVE IT!

    H. Lee Joyner